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Portraits of Katherine SunKatherine Sun

Hi, I’m Katherine Sun. I live in South Bay, also called the Silicon Valley. It’s the techie hub so that means as I make the routine after-school drive to my favorite study spot Red Rock, I’m sure to see several Teslas, self-driving cars, or better yet, techies zooming past the awful traffic on their electric forms of transportation. I’m kind of the opposite from your typical Silicon Valley guy, but that is not to disregard my love for biology and psychology. Freestyle Academy has given me the tools and community to expand my artwork into disciplines I’d never muster the courage to pick up on my own. I’m immensely grateful to be apart of the Freestyle community, and I value the people I get to see here everyday. I’m currently making my way through my final year of highschool. So far, my passions include photography, painting, and film (both the digital one and photography one). 

Inspiration strikes everywhere. My favorite painters of all time are Bryant Giles, Salvador Dalí, and Robert Rauschenberg. My favorite photographers are Philip Lorca diCorcia and Ren Hang. Cinematographer’s include Melina Matsoukas and Dave Meyers.













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