This week’s photo, the final one, is about the future, and what is inspiring about it. The thing about that future that both interests me and concerns me is that anything can happen, good or bad, so here’s to a better future than being stuck at home during a pandemic that shut down school during your Senior year, basically acting as an early farewell so a lot of people you knew at school.

Frame Within a Frame

This week’s photo is about using surroundings to make a frame within the picture. We used the trees and the fences to form a frame around my dad, and took a picture of it.


This week’s photo is about a self portrait that tells one about how others think of me. To be honest, I don’t know how others see me. I know so many different type of people, that it would be extremely difficult for me to think about a general consensus about how people think of me, so this photo is meant to me reminiscent of a man in disguise, or a service agent. You are presented what they are doing when you see them, but there are a lot of things they do that you don’t know about, which can be both good or bad.


This week’s photo is about food. Just food. Here’s a picture of some cake. You want cake? Go for it. Enjoy it.

Using Props

This week’s photo was about creating effects using simple props. I made a reflection image using a Speed Racer figurine, a toy Mach 5, and the bottom side of a disc. For the sake of authenticity, the disc I used was a copy of Speed Racer: The Video Game for the Wii.


This week’s photo is about storms. Here’s a photo of recently subsided heavy rain from inside a car. Something about this just looks pleasing to me.

Current Events

This week’s photo was about current events, and what’s happening around at this time. I think this photo is very fitting for what’s going on, because on one hand, the internet here basically had a heart attack and needed to be fixed, which left us for weeks without reliable internet. On the other hand, the country is in pieces because of the Coronavirus, so this photo kinda captures both of those parts.

Depth of Feild

This week’s photo is about depth of field. I had my dad go on top of the parking garage so I could take a photo of him on top. He is quite far away from the camera, and I needed a shot that shows him as a part of something bigger, so he’s here, part of something big.

Deadly Sins

This week’s photo was about one of the deadly sins. The last couple of times my parent bought these cases of Ferrero Rocher, I would take a bunch of them every day. I kind of only wanted it for myself, so that can be seen as greed.


This week’s photo is about music, so I took a picture of my guitar along with a few sheets of music. As far as musical talent goes, I only know how to play classical guitar, and I’m not that good at it, but I can make a piece sound good with enough practice.