Deapth of Field

Small flower, standing in Googles forground When I came across these vibrant flowers posted in front of a massive google building, and made me think about how small these flowers were compared to the world surrounding them. ISO 150, 26mm, f 1,50, shutter speed 1/350. ( after taking the photo is realized they were fake […]

View Point

It was the day after my 12th grade winter ball, and after a long day of playing catch up of all my homework from the week prior. The weather was spectacular with a 70ยบ, I decided to take myself on a drive. I took myself up to Skyline Boulevard ( Route 35 ) after driving […]

Color Theory

This photo was taken at the SFMOMA not too long ago with my family. Prior to taking this photo I was noticed how the red like is not only reflecting off of walls but how the red is getting absorbed by the darkness in the room and black wall drawing in the red lighting. ISO […]

Fill the Frame

Wall room I this photo was taken at the SFMOMA, of a art piece built into the wall, to represent filling the wall with art, and not the wall being filled in with art. I thought this would be prefect as it fill the frame and draws your eyes to the art work and not […]


The Dubble For this photo we were challenged to duplicate one side of a portrait style photograph and mask, only one side in order to make it seem like there is a regular photo. I had the pleasure of photographing one of my very good friends JC, and I though this photo would be the […]

Leading Line (with Food)

Chopped Carrots One of this months challenges was to photograph Leading lines with food! So durning the proses of cooking diner I thought this would be a great opportunity. One thing I really like about this photo is how you can see all of the ingredients around the Carrots, and not all good photos have […]

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