about me

Hi, my name is Isabel and I’m a film student at Freestyle Academy!

My experience so far at Freestyle has been better than I could have imagined.  I have learned so many new skills and techniques as well as met new people with similar interests and hobbies!  As a film student, we have dived into creating projects and learned how to do post-production on Premiere Pro and After Effects.  The amount of knowledge that I have acquired in these few months of being at Freestyle are, in my opinion, more

summer portrait

useful to me than most of the things I have learned in my entire high school experience.  The film projects that are assigned challenge me creatively and are continually helping me work on my time management for the fast-paced and organized structure of the film business in the real world.  English this year is particularly special because of how much it differs from the usual English curriculum that I was accustomed to at LAHS.  Freestyle’s English program makes writing poetry and essays, assignments that I used to dread previously, more personal and therefore more interesting.  I find myself looking forward to English because of the style of learning: when we learn there is never one right answer but instead each person’s interpretation of the question and what they think the answer is.  It also helps a lot that all of our classes at Freestyle are linked and our work in one class greatly influences work in the others.  For example, Digital Media has taught me so many web skills such as how to use Photoshop and Premiere Pro, which is something that I had been interested in trying for so long but never got the chance to; we edit in Film with Premiere Pro so learning the basics of it in Digital Media prepared me for post-production in Film and has been a useful tool for me to know how to use.

I value the feedback and support that I have received from both my teachers and fellow classmates at Freestyle.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this community and know that Freestyle will remain the highlight of my high school experience, especially since I’m sure that I will be utilizing all that I have learned in my future.

Freestyle has taught me many media skills which I will take with me in the future and has taught me how to effectively collaborate and think creatively. I now look at films, literature, and all other kinds of media in a new perspective.