reflections film

For the first quarter of film, we worked on a reflections video essay that was based on the Chapman Dodge College Video Essay application assignment from a few years ago. In the exactly 2 min video, we were tasked with developing insights about our experiences and identities. We then brainstormed thoughts and ideas that we had to clearly expressed who we are as individuals.

In my video essay, I decided to focus on a specific tradition that I’ve held my entire life and that is incredibly important to me. My dad used to always kiss me goodnight before I went to bed so I wanted to include that in my film while discussing what I’ve learned growing up. I included an extended metaphor in the film which relates a kiss to having an impact on other people.

We began the reflections unit by coming up with a topic and turning in dailies, which are raw clips with sound that we hope to use in our final film. Mr. T then gives us feedback on our shots and we went out and did more shooting. The problem that I had in the production process was that I had originally had my sister act as a “young me” for my dailies but she later told me that she didn’t want to be in the film. I got over that obstacle by searching for a new actress. I had to rush filming a bit so I didn’t get all of the shots that I wanted but I am working on another revision of the film so I think that one will improve upon the not-so-final cut. For post-production, I edited the film in Premiere Pro and fixed my voiceover audio a bit in Audition.

post production editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

I valued being able to create a short film that encapsulated my life but not just through a boring, story-like list of my hobbies and accomplishments but also through portraying my thoughts and a fond memory. For my second final cut, I hope to get the additional shots that I envisioned in and work more on sound editing.