photo haiku photo & video

Photo Haiku Photo & Video

For our Photo Haiku in English, we were given a random concept statement which gave a feeling and experience that we had to incorporate into our poem.  This was difficult for many of us because haikus are so concise, so it was hard to figure out what words and poetic devices to use in order to accurately portray our statement.  We learned about how to use cutting words, kirejis, and seasonal words called kigos.  These devices can be seen in our haiku poems, with a photo that we took to assist with representing the emotion of the poem.

a makeup palette, makeup brush, eyelash curler, perfume and succulent plant
photo for haiku poem

I am grateful that we were able to put our newly learned Premiere Pro skills into practice with this photo haiku video because it allowed me to gain more experience on Premiere and helped to prep me for the editing that I would be doing for my experimental film.