personal museum curation

After our annual Freestyle field trip to the SF Museum of Modern Art, seniors were tasked with putting together a personal museum of artwork that we saw and enjoyed. We then also had a section where we included artwork from SF MOMA that we didn’t like and we explained why it didn’t resonate with us. The artwork that we did and did not like reflected who we are as artists and our distinctive artistic styles.

Artist: Unknown
This piece resonates with me because I like that it is outside.  Underneath the beating sun, I was hoping to find a spot in the shade to take a break and found it in this structure.  I liked that I could walk through it and all the way around, allowing me to fully absorb every part of the piece, unlike with a flat painting or photograph.  This art piece reflects who I am because it shows how much I appreciate being able to take in the intricacies of everything that I interact with. Lastly, I enjoy the irony of the structure being outdoors, but when standing within it, feeling like I am indoors.
Artist: George Segal
“Woman Shaving Her Leg” – 1963
I thought this piece was incredibly comical because of the normal routine act that was being depicted.  Reconstructing an actual shower for the art piece showed the artist’s dedication and even the act of shaving involves being detail-oriented, which is a value that I relate to.  I appreciate the artist for turning an annoying routine into art.
Artist: Sol LeWitt
“Wall Drawing 273” – 1975
I love that this art piece is massive and extends over several walls which engulfs me fully in the art to get the most experience out of it.  The artwork makes me feel included and at peace, which is what I strive to do every day of my life.
Artist: Sigmar Polke
This piece did not resonate with me because I felt like I couldn’t really understand what the painting was depicting besides palm trees and a village.  It is not detailed at all and doesn’t use many colors which also seems bland. It is simplistic, but in a way where I wish there was more instead of just having me think about what is missing.
Artist: Unknown
I didn’t like this popular art piece because I don’t see the meaning behind the lights and their placement.  I like the use of different colors but it is hard for me to find what the artist wanted me to take from the piece.

How has your own work as an artist and your own criticism of your artwork influenced your choices about which pieces made your Personal Museum and which pieces didn’t make the cut?

I like to make my artwork go above and beyond, especially in film.  Instead of simply completing the requirements of what to include in our projects, I like to put my own twist to my work to make it solely something that only I could have created or thought of.  I like to go out and learn separate skills from the class to include to create deeper meaning to my work. The pieces which made my Personal Museum made me think and made me feel that the artist truly had a purpose in creating the piece.  My artistic choices impacted how I created my Personal Museum because I looked for artwork that allowed me to get to know the artist better, and artwork that I definitely couldn’t have created myself or thought of myself.

Since art has no right and wrong, it was interesting to see how each of our artistic perspectives and preferences differed. Looking at all of the exhibits at the SF MOMA gave me a lot of inspiration for my own artwork and gave me the chance to think not only about the art itself but also about the artist behind the painting or photograph or sculpture.