narrative visual perspective in Digital Media

Our main collaborative project in Digital Media was the Multi-Layered Project in which we used Adobe Illustrator to draw out 2D art pieces that would then be assembled into a 3D art project. My partner, Sydney E, and I decided to make 3D Concept Ring Art of Arizona’s landscape. We got to choose where we wanted to cut the wood into a shape and where we wanted to shade it in order to create what we had envisioned. All of the separate layers that we drew were cut out of wood and then stacked to make one complete art piece.

the final product assembled
creating the layers in Adobe Illustrator (click to enlarge photos)

For our project, Sydney and I based it off of my grandparent’s house in Sedona. We used the view from their back porch (pictured below) to inspire how we wanted to draw the mountains. The 3D Ring Art process was incredibly valuable because we were able to utilized the Illustrator skills that we learned the past two years and collaborate to make a 3D art piece, which is something that we have never done at Freestyle.

inspiration for our 3D ring art
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