• REQUIRED: Introduction to Humor Project – what is the Humor Project, why are we doing it and
    what did you value about the entire project (i.e. your reflection about the project)?
  • REQUIRED: Humor proposal  – include the following on your webpage – based on your English Humor Proposal assignment
    • Analysis of 2 humorists
    • Reflection about what’s most useful about the humorists studied
    • Description of chosen project
    • Description of and links to comedic influences
    • Add some images and/or interesting layout for visual appeal
  • REQUIRED: Script of humor project – this shows the pre-production of planning what to to pre-record or perform. 
    • Do NOT link to a PDF. Add your script as nicely formatted text (block indent, italics, etc)
    • Take and add some images from your practice and/or production shoot
  • REQUIRED: Humor Project Video. By Thursday, April 30, submit your video to Mr. Greco’s dropbox folder labeled “Humor Project Files (follow file naming conventions!)” with title of 19-20-p9-Humor-UsernamE.mp4 1920×1080, .mp4 with good audio quality so we can hear the comedy. Assuming you are NOT using copyrighted music and it’s NOT blocked, these will be posted on this YouTube playlist and it’s optional for you to post the video on your website.