exquisite corpse poem

Exquisite Corpse poem

In English, Mr. Greco wanted us to write a poem collectively in small groups. However, it was much different than a normal collaboration. Since it is an exquisite corpse poem, each person added to the composition in sequence, writing a line of poetry that reflected what they felt should come next after the previous line. We were only allowed to see the end of what the previous person contributed, so it expanded the horizon for us to not view the poem as a whole but to continue the idea that was stated right before. I really liked this assignment because it allowed us to be much more creative and I felt that our end product flowed really well and overall turned out to be a great poem.

Exquisite Corpse poem video

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The exquisite corpse poem was by far my favorite poem to write because it was much more interesting to work with other people on the poem. I normally have a difficult time writing poetry so having the previous person’s ideas to base mine off of and help me get an idea of what to write about worked great and helped spark my imagination, allowing me to write and come up with more meaningful ideas. I’m also glad that we worked on so many different kinds of poetry this year in English, especially since we got to explore many kinds that I had not heard of (and had never written) before. I think that is what makes English at Freestyle so special; this class allows me to learn more untraditional and new styles of writing that I don’t think I would have ever experienced had I stayed in regular English or English AP at Los Altos High. I really value that we got the chance, not only to write a poem about a piece of artwork (ekphrastic poem), but to personally take a class trip to SF MOMA to look at and find that piece of artwork that we really connected to.