About this Podcast: 

This podcast dives into the growing emergence of new technologies in STEM, specifically in the medical field.  We discuss bioengineering, automation, and how likely it is that these new innovations will replace humans in the workplace.  Interviews with professionals in science and healthcare provide more insight on the topic and give us their opinions on the role that artificial intelligence will have in the future.

Podcaster Bio: 

Isabel Luk is currently a senior at Los Altos High School who enjoys film/photography, traveling, interning at her dentist office, and adventuring outdoors.  This is the first podcast she’s ever made and she takes inspiration from the podcasts she listens to, which range from true crime to history to pop culture. In  the future, she hopes to pursue an undergraduate degree in California and go into a healthcare profession. Isabel felt a connection to this podcast subject because she noticed how prevalent and how much of a necessity technology is in our day-to-day lives.  Additionally, numerous advances in technology, specifically in science (namely, CRISPR), have been developed quite recently and their research and use is very new and relevant.

Intro to the Podcast:

Podcasting offers a unique and powerful storytelling experience and is widely accessible, which is what makes it a popular new communication medium.  We were given this assignment to explore podcasting which is in ever-increasing demand. Our goal was to produce a professional podcast product and learn more about a topic that interested us so we could talk about it on the podcast.  I was inspired by my Biotechnology class as well as podcasts such as Criminal, BackStory, and Ginger Radio.  We also listened to a few podcast episodes in class which were good examples for how I should structure my podcast.

Process section:

recording in the Freestyle studio (click image to enlarge)
follow-up interview with Ms. Straz, recorded with a Snowball microphone
editing the podcast in Adobe Audition (click image to enlarge)


I valued being able to choose a topic that I was interested in and learning how to put a podcast together.  Since we have covered most creative outlets at Freestyle (website, film, digital art, creative writing, physical art, music), it was fun to switch it up and make something that we hadn’t yet already done.  I don’t think that I would have made a podcast on my own so I’m grateful that we were assigned the podcast project because it allowed me to make something that I personally enjoy. It was a challenge doing research, finding interviewees, and writing a script, but the risk was worth the reward; overall, the interviews turned out great and I got content that I wasn’t even expecting.  Once everything was recorded, I had fun editing it together and making a finished product that I am proud of.