narrative visual perspective in English

We began transitioning to the narrative unit with the Touchstone Artist Research assignment. This project challenged us to locate a single “touchstone” work of art that is relevant to our media elective field which would serve as a potential influence for our second semester Zenith work. For this assignment, we stepped into the role of an art historian by researching and writing a paper about our artwork.

For my media artwork, I selected Lady Bird which is a film by Greta Gerwig. I remembered the first time I watched this film that even though it is a small, indie film, it was getting a lot of attention from the public. This was due to the excellent acting, color grading, and other film techniques. This made me want to study and write my paper about Lady Bird and Gerwig, a female director, who was able to create an effective film with a lower budget than blockbuster movies. It also gave me an excuse to rewatch the movie a few times and admire Saoirse Ronan and Timothée Chalamet’s acting as well as the rest of the cast!

My final paper (warning: it’s 12 pages!!) and research outline are below.

A listener lyric, also known as a lyrical essay, is a relatively new literary genre which blends prose and poetic language to create a hybrid form. Similar to poetry, listener lyrics use symbolic metaphors, section breaks, and sometimes pages dominated by white space to convey a more personal story from a specific perspective.