additional video productions

In addition to the film projects that I did in film class, I worked on a few other smaller projects throughout my years at Freestyle.  These video productions include films that I created during the summer so some of the films are more complete than others due to the varying amounts of time I was able to spend for each one.


JUNE 2019

Ted Talk Presentation — Spanish Project

One of our finals for AP Spanish class was to create a 3-6 minute long Ted Talk about anything that we wanted.  I chose to research and discuss individuality, split personality disorder, and the ways in which we act when interacting with different people.

MAY 2019

Bella Music Video — French Project

This music video was made for an AP French final assignment.  For the project, we decided to mimic the original music video by including many of the same shots.  I had a major time restraint for this music video but was able to get it done in 6 days.

Official ‘Bella’ Music Video

MARCH 2019

Viral Video Contest #GoViralSCC

We were given the task to create a short video that encouraged safe sexual behavior or that addressed the stigma around STDs.  More information about the contest is on their website: