About Me

Posing at the SF MOMA

As a student at Freestyle Academy and Mountain View High School, I am constantly seeking out new passions and aspiring to master those I have found. As an older brother of two siblings; a younger brother and a little sister who is experiencing her first year of school, I strive to be a role model and show them they can do whatever they set their mind on. And as a son, friend, soccer player, artist, and more, my greatest goal is always to live life to its very fullest. Whether this means spending many hours creating art that captures every ounce of my imagination and passion, putting my all into every moment on the soccer field, or just relaxing with some friends, I try to live life in the present. The best work, the greatest fulfillment, the more aid to others, and above all; the most enjoyment. All of this comes from being completely in the moment. So I try to go out there and capture it.

These next two years at Freestyle will be full of opportunities to grow while having an amazing time. The opportunities that come with this program are simply incredible. Part of our learning has been the creation of this website. Did I have any idea how to create my own website to share my story and work with others before this? Let alone understand how to use a VPN and find a server through an IP address. Freestyle is presenting all this information on how to use computers, how to navigate the internet, how to be a savvy and creative adventurer through its winding trails. And along the way, I am learning how to draw such trails into the minds of others: words. And in addition to even that, we are exploring the art of animation. The art of not just capturing a single moment, but the ability to create an entire event. But none of this is taught on its own. What is the point of being an incredible striker if you cannot run? I am being given this wealth of information, and I could not be more grateful. Now it is up to me to understand all the elements, and connect them to finish the puzzle.

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. But what about Lemon Pound Cake? Or a Merengue Pie? The idea is that you receive what is given, and you make the most of it. But why stop there? Because if you look outside of the box; squeeze out all the lemon juice; you might just find something special. I am a guy who likes to think in those kinds of ways. Instead of just doing homework, I look at it as a piece of art; I can go through the motions, or I can create something beautiful. But unfortunately that does not mean my homework always gets done. Because saying and doing are entirely different things. And its a quite arduous journey to achieve the latter. But I like to think I’m on my way. Freestyle Academy has given me the tools to do anything I could imagine. I have been given the brush to harness the colors of my mind. And slowly but surely I am learning how to paint.