About Me

Elisa Fong-Hirschfelder

Welcome to my Website! My name is Elisa Fong-Hirschfelder, and in 2019-2021, I was a Junior and Senior at Freestyle Academy. At Freestyle, I learned how to use a variety of technology as well as several online applications in order to create multi-media projects for my Film, Digital Media and English classes. Throughout my time there, I explored narrative, documentary, and reflective forms of storytelling through various forms of writing, digital design and films, and left excited to use my newfound skills from my Freestyle projects in my future studying Film Production at Chapman University.

Outside of school, I enjoyed dancing and choreographing, as well as participating in my school’s Colorguard and Winterguard. In my free time, I enjoyed photography, cooking & baking, and spending time with friends. Freestyle has given me the opportunity to create and expose films that I am passionate about, as I enjoy communicating to audiences through different forms of storytelling. In the future, I aspire to create something creative and powerful that I am proud of.

Joining Freestyle has absolutely been the highlight of my high school career. I am eternally grateful for the endless opportunities that this program has given me to express my creativity and expand my artistic passions. I’ve learned so much over these past two years here as well as made amazing friends and memories that I’ll never forget. Thank you for everything!