Animation Conceptual Unit

Animation Wheels

This was our first animation project where we learned how to appreciate the old fashion way of making animations. We learned how to created an old fashion phenakistoscope and a zoetrope.

The first step was to draw a wheel of drawings. Each photo is a little different from the next that then causes a reaction. The character didn’t take too long to make because I already had a character in mind before this assignment.

These are the steps I took on Photoshop
These are the steps I took to create the gif of the wheel I created by hand.
This is the still photo of the the wheel.
This is the still photo of the the wheel.

This was the first assignment and the first time that  I realized how much work it takes to make one assignment. I feel that if I had more time to make this phenakistoscope I could have created a better animation and overall be more satisfied with the result.

Flip Book Video

In this assignment we were supposed to free draw an animation using only shapes. We were also supposed to set up a story with a mood. I chose to draw about fear. It’s a story about a little ball that is bullied by a square but succeeds to eat up the fear and overcome it. I Used different devices to animate a flip book.

We put all the photos in a scanner, which automatically takes the drawing I created and takes photos of them. That enables to to put them online and then to put it altogether in a video.

This was a very cool assignment where I learned to go with the flow and not to judge myself too much. In the past I kept on believing that my product isn’t good enough, yet after this assignment I don’t anymore. I believed it was really bad at first, but after seeing the final product I didn’t think it was as bad as I thought.

Dragon Frame

Dragon Frame is a very easy application that we learned how to use in animation. We just need to set up the camera parallel to the ground and connect it to the computer. After that every time you move the image on the bottom you take the next photo. This later creates a motion video.

Direct Technique 1 & 2 Videos

For this assignment we learned new devices to animate a video. Using dragon frame for the first time was a new experience. We had to chose from different mediums, what fits the video idea. Either sand, paint, drawings or paper.

In this video I chose to use paper to animate a moving car holing some things and jumping around. This shows straight ahead animation using dragon frame.

The other video I chose to make with sand which is much harder to use than paper.  There is no way to fix the steps that were taken before but the whole video has to be remade.

This was a cool assignment that taught us how to use dragon frame and what stop motion animation is. This can lead up to later harder projects.

Exquisite Corpse Video

This assignment was assigned to us in Animation class to understand and be able to work in groups. Just as we made an exquisite corpus in English and Digital Media, we created one in Animation. We were given the first and last frame and we could do whatever we wished in the middle, as long as it was connected to the next persons animation.

I appreciated this project because it helped my classmates get to know each other and work together. I had trouble using the aisle which held the paper from moving and some of our classmates were unable to finish. But other than those troubles it was a great first project of the whole class which taught me a lot.

Animated Poem Video

In process of making….