SoundCloud Poems

Poems with the SoundCloud Interface and the creative photo

This project required us to think creatively and look from the perspective of a Graphic Designer. We designed our own album cover in respective to the poems that we had wrote in English by Analyzing the poem and thinking of a way to represent it in our own creative way (just a snapshot). I really liked this assignment because I could think in a different way then I usually think about a poem (I felt like a real graphic designer making an album cover for a big artist). I was very proud.

For this project we needed to create a photo to embody the poem we wrote in English, after creating the album cover. This is like a poster for the poem. It took creativity and imagination to create the photo. I used the skills I have learned until now in Digital media.

Until now this was one of my favorite projects because I was able to be as creative as I could and was able to learn from that experience. I really felt like this was one of the more real life experiences that a person would have as a graphic designer. Creating my own album cover and poster was really cool and an important step in my learning stages.


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