This project taught us how to create a mandala on Adobe Illustrator. We were asked to create anything we wanted that we believe upon ourselves. I choose to freely draw whatever comes to mind and then edit it based on the finished drawing. I found out that doodling, it created strange creatures and liked how they turned out. After we turned them in and Lazar printed them on our material of choice.

Mandala Reveal Video
Final Zappar – Download to see full video
Mandala Reflection Video
Final B+W Mandala
Final Colored Mandala
Final Laser Printed Mandala

I valued the mandala project because it helped me think more creatively and freely. During my process of making my mandala, I would create different designs I thought would look good together and after adding more and more shapes they began looking like creatures (which I did not intend to do). I decided to continue doing this method and it created some unique designs. The mandala project helped me think in a new creative way in which a pattern can be copied and look like another idea other than what it was intended to look like. This process can create some very unique patterns that I have not been thought of before.