Ephrat Heyman

Ephrat Heyman was born in Israel. She had one sister, Ari Zetler, who was three years older than her, and they were always very close to each other.

After graduating from high school and finishing two years of military service, she began her higher education: BA IN Physical Education; MA in Exercise Physiology and Ph.D. in Physical Education & Ergonomics. Ephrat Heyman became a teacher and then the head of the Department of Physical Education and Movement.

She was married at the age of 21, and had three children, who are all married today and have children of their own.

When Ephrat Heyman was 28 years old, while living in NY, where her husband and her were studying, she got a call from her parents, a call that changed her life. They told her that her sister was hospitalized in a mental hospital in France. For the next 24 years her life, her husbands life and children's; were conducted under the black cloud of her sister’s illness (Schizophrenia). 

Liat Koren

Liat Koren was born in Israel, 1977. She is currently a halftime teacher and full time mom to four amazing children. She was raised in Israel and moved to America permanently in her mid-thirties.

Her Aunt was diagnosed with schizophrenia when she was four years old. Growing up with a "disabled" family member caused her to form new perspectives on life compared to other's. Liat Koren was very close to her Aunt and loved her very much.

Chelsea Doiguchi

Chelsea Doiguchi is currently a psychology teacher at Los Altos High school. She had two beautiful kids and a husband which she loves very much.

She attended UC Irvine for her Bachelors degree. She has an educational background in psychology and social behavior and also majored in criminology law and society.