The reflections unit was used as a starting block to a great new year here at freestyle. We learned new techniques and devices to use over the summer. We are more knowledgeable in the creative field. In English, we focused on our essay for the common application and getting ready for college. In Digital Media we focused on after effects and illustrators to solidify what we may have forgotten from last year. In Design (a new elective for me) we focused on our style and design techniques in different projects.

To answer the overarching question of this unit “Who am I?” I learned a lot about myself and how I see myself in this world. I feel like Freestyle has taught me a lot about who I want to become and grow up to be in our society. I learned that I want to help others because that has always been my passion. I learned that from learning from my hardships I want to help others learn and not have to go through the same things as I did. The English Personal essay leads to the PSA, which were both projects that made me grow a lot. being diagnosed with dyslexia at such a late time in my life gave a lot of hardships but at the same time helped me learn how strong and persistent I am. I want to study neuroscience to learn more about the human brain and how it works.

Essence Object List

The essence object list relates to who I am because these are some objects that reflect on who I am, some of my values, and events that I have gone through to make me who I am. The reflection unit challenged us to write about ourselves and reflecting on some objects that mean a lot to us helped us write our Essay.

  1. Two face sculptures I made out of a planner that broke during class which shows how I can branch out and think outside of the box. 
  2. Car keys I worked two summers to buy my car and it means a lot to me because I worked so hard and waited so long to get this far. This was my first big purchase and I earned every penny for it.
  3. A large stuffed bear my sister got for me for my birthday a year ago.
  4. A friendship bracelet was given to me by my best friend.
  5. My broken film camera I found at a thrift store that I took lots of photos with.
  6. A tag I got on my first cross country meet
  7. A rock I colored with melted crayon
  8. Photos of my family when we lived in Australia
  9. Tickets for the muni in SF 
  10. Postcard from different places I’ve been to
  11. The converse I wrote on in Hebrew, English, Spanish, and Japanese
  12. A cookbook my mom gave me
  13. A retro Monterey jacket my uncle gave me
  14. 16mm film I shot a movie on
  15. My speaker, it reminds me of good times at the beach
  16. A painting of a pineapple I made which was my first painting ever
  17. The window curtains I sewed with my mom
  18. Polaroids I take with my friends during hangouts
  19. A plant I have had for a long time
  20. I have a tapestry of the wild with a mountain that reminds me of nature and the outdoors that I like
  21. Copies of some books I like that all involve fairy tales and stuff like that
  22. A necklace my great-grandma gave me which passed away a few years ago

Personal Museum Curation section

In the second week of Freestyle we went to the SFMOMA our assingment there was to take three photos of pieces that represent us and two that do not. These peices relate to me on a differeent level in many ways.

3 Pieces that DO represent me:

Frank Bowling, Elder Sun Benjamin, 2018

I take account to the little details in life. I look closely at things and analyze them carefully. Although to some this painting may look very simple, to me it represents the beauty in the little things. Like the curve of the wood and the small details made of fabric. They all take account to the bigger picture of the painting. I like to look at the positive and love bold colors because I believe they represent who I am and accentuate my personality.

Attention to details/ beauty/ positive/ bold

Ruth Asawa, Untiltes (S.11, hagning, six- lobed continuous from within a form with one suspended and two tied sphered), 1958

I love playful artwork. This sculpture is graceful and can be looked at in many ways and especially in the light it’s true beauty is shown. Much like myself at first I might seem closed off, but once you get to know me the truth is revealed and how I act is totally different than it might seem. Also, I value the way it is made and the hours it must have taken to create such a sculpture. I love sculptures and metal work. 

community/ determination/ care

Roberto Matta, Chamboles les amoureuses (lovers in shambles), 1946

This painting describes me because it shows how I value the weird and ugly. I love the uniqueness in the weird thing. It brings me joy to see paintings like this where to analyze them you have to think hard and long to understand the message.

adventurous/ different/ weird/ bold

2 Pieces that do NOT represent me:

Sonia Gechtoff, Painting IV, 1956

Although I do not hate the work it does not strike me, the textures are great and the artist did it well, but the colors don’t interest me. This reminds me of chaos and bad times. I do not see any meaning in this art and the textures kinda collide they have no confirmation.

Jasper Johns, Land’s End, 1963

In general I do not like words on canvasus, I believe that it might have to do with my dislike reading. The painting doesn’t strike me as interesting and as a work of art. There is no life to this painting, there is no story to be told.


I love the vibrant colors and different medias. I choose these pieces because they represented my personal taste with rustic vibes, yet vibrant ideas and midea used to produce it. Some values that shine through with my collection are: adventurous, different, weird, bold, community, determination, care, details, beauty, and positivity. THought this project I figured out visually what I lean towards and can use it in later projects to either begin my brainstorming with or to come out of my comfort zone.