Pastel Drawing

We used pastel chalk to re-create a photo we took. We went outside to take pictures, and in this exercise, we recreated them to our liking with as many colors that we wanted to show emotion. I chose to use complementary colors to bring the darker parts back and the brighter parts forward.

Pastel Drawing Exercise

Macro Photo Final

This project was stemmed from the same photoshoot as the pastel drawing that we made. We went out to take photos of different things in nature, and then we chose our favorite photo to edit. We then chose a specific editing style on Photoshop that would complement the picture the best.

Macro Photo Final Production


This assignment went hand in hand with the English essay we wrote for the common application essay. It had to emulate what our Personal Essay taught us and made us grow. We chose a specific saying that we felt explained the essay the best. I used both Photoshop, Illustrator, and the skills I have learned in my past year here at freestyle to design it.

Public Service Announcement Final

Food Label

The concept behind my design was to keep the label super welcoming and juicy. The point of food label design is to get customers to buy the product, so by making the food tempting, more people will buy it. I used very organic shapes to please the eyes along with easy to read, calming text. The big orange juice companies inspired me because they have many customers for a reason. I also knew I wanted to have a cut-out and some green leaves, which would make the bottle more appealing. I choose green and orange because green is the most appetizing color for food and orange because of the product I was making. The white oranges inside the juice create a break in all the orange used. 

The first step I took was that I collected photos of labels that gave me ideas. Then I took those and sketched out a rough idea of what I wanted to do. Using Adobe Illustrator, I created the different patterns adding the juice, leaves, and other contents. Illustrator was extremely helpful because of the paintbrush tool that smooths out the strokes. In the end, I added the text, which, in my opinion, makes a massive difference in the message you want to get across. 

One issue I faced was the placement of everything. One thing I would have liked to change is either the complexity of my piece or making sure that my label was coherent all together and that my different styles were not colliding with one another. By completing this project, I learned what colors are appealing in the various projects you are asked to do. For example, for this food label project, you would try to steer clear of blues when making an organic product to avoid making it look processed. Using this method, I chose more organic colors like greens and browns. 

I choose the bag and the hat as my additional merchandise because they followed the color scheme I was looking for. The two items looked good together in my triptych to create a calm autumn/summery feeling.