Visual Production

These were some individual projects I created in my free time during the documentary unit. InDesign was a new tool taught to us mainly in this unit. We learned how it is compared and contrasted with other media tools we had learned in the past like Adobe illustrator and photoshop. Adobe InDesign was the most effective when having to deal with a lot of writing and organization materials. With these individual projects I was able to improve my skills towards upcoming assignments.

One-page Event Flyer 

We were asked to produce a Flyer for an existing organization or for a made up event. Mine was inspired by the 90’s and my favorite color red, at the time. I had recently seen a book with a very peculiar title design and I wanted to recreate it with my own twist. The rest are made up things which I used to fill in blank space. This is a made up flyer for a made up event.

Tri-fold Brochure

For this project we were supposed to gradually be able to improve our InDesign skills. This project called for creativity and for using the new skills we had learned particularly for this project. We were taught how to affect the image shape and to fit it to our like and how to make logos in the application.