About this Podcast

What if teenagers could come up with solutions to political problems like the Palestinian and Israeli conflict? This is a podcast where two teenagers talk peacefully about their perspective of the situation in the middle east. If you are looking to learn more about the overall conflict in the Middle East and learn about it from the different perspectives of teenagers, this is the podcast for you. Keep on reflecting on conflicts with an open mind so that peace can be achieved, that is our motto.


Priyah is currently a Senior at Los Altos High School and attends Freestyle Academy. She was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, she then moved to California when she was nine years old. She loves learning and teaching others in different fields of studies. She hopes to go to college next year where she is going to major in Marine Biology and minor in Psychology.

Talia is currently a Senior at Los Altos High School. Her family is from Bethlehem and moved from Jordan when she was two years old. She is part of three choirs and will attend Steinhardt school in NYU. She loves music and hopes to pursuit it thought her life. She hopes to major in Foreign Affairs and one day work for the UN.

Why are we doing a Podcast project?

We are making this podcast to bring awareness on teen views on important global events. Peacefully gathering evidence and experiences from both sides of the story of a long standing conflict. The project goal is coming up with a new perspective on a given subject. Podcasts offer a unique communication experience in which many people don’t get to hear about or experience because of the circumstances in the Middle East currently. This podcast is easily accessible and can be listened to on the go or when you are resting. Taking a few minutes out of your day, or while you are doing the laundry, to listen to a podcast can teach you a lot.

What were your inspirations for your Podcast?

My favorite podcast is Crime Junkie, a series where two women talk about different crimes and murders with unique insights to tell the public. Like the two women in Crime Junkie, Talia and I exchange our unique perspectives about justice.


Editing the podcast
Recording in the booth

What did you value from the Podcast Project?

Overall, this project was very in sighting. I have always taken advantage of podcasts, but for the first time I have started to appreciate them. I have always had a hard time listening to something that doesn’t have a tangible element to it. I realized that with the right engagement of the listener the audience can still gain a lot of information while still being engaged. At first I had a hard time finding a way to organize all the things I wanted to talk about , but then I realized how to place all the information needed in just twelve minutes by asking for help which I would most likely not have done in the past. I realized that you cannot do everything on your own and asking for help is not always a bad thing. Some advice for first time podcasters is that do not be afraid to use bloopers from your recordings because sometimes that would engage the audience more, making the podcast more relatable to the listener.