Photo Haiku Poem

Photo Haiku and Video

The Photo Haiku project had many learning aspects in it and we were introduced to video making for the first time. It enhanced my abilities in working with Premier Pro for the first time. The first step was to write the poem in English. Then we needed to choose a photo and to photoshop it.  We then combined on Premier our voice over the poem, a wordless song, the photoshopped photo, and the poem.

I’m experiencing the feeling of resentment throughout the act of playing games.

Yesterday we stayed behind, the thoughts of a child, storming through the mind
This is a photo of the Haiku and image I created.

I created this video on Premier Pro. First, we had to import the media that I wanted to use; like the music, voice over, and the photo. Then, I put in the text of the Haiku. Next, adding all the effects like fade outs to the text and connecting the images. Finally, I put black out in the end and in the beginning of the film and exported it.

It took a lot of individual work and trying to figure out for ourselves how to make the words slowly appear or the sliding motions. I really liked this project because of the freedom we were given to make the video. I took a photo of my little cousin holding  my grandma’s hand. I had some trouble with some parts of the process because Premier was still a new device for me to use. Along with my peers we all worked to create great videos.