Audio Productions

During this semester, in Digital Media, we were introduced to the more complex side of audio production. We began this journey by re-learning Pro tools and all of the features it holds. Some features included different kinds of instruments which we could learn without prior knowledge. We also learned how to identify the different settings and when to use them in certain occasions. Later we were introduced to a completely new way of making music in Reason. This application was a much more complex and thought provoking precess. We were introduced to these two applications very quickly, some picked it up faster than others, some even took intense interest in these applications and think of making their job one day. Overall, it is kind of a paradox: we were introduced to this realm of music with just four chords.


Pro Tools Interphase

(In the process of making…)

  1. Required: Add large screenshot of Reason Interface and provide a short sentences explaining the audio
  2. Required: Add mp3 of your EDM 8-bar piece created in Reason (no SoundCloud interface, just add mp3 to Media library and embed onto page)
  3. Required: Add mp3 of the class combined EDM 8-bar song with some explanation. Find the song on this playlist.