I value the English narrative project for helping me become more grounded with my ideas while still being creative. In Digital Media I learned many new ways to express myself with art. One of the main projects we worked on was recording the story we wrote in English. By adding different sound effects to clearly and artistically publish the story so that others could understand my vision and learn something from it. The animation I created helped me perfect and learn how to use my time more effectively. This was a great visual for the story I wrote. Although, there were many hardships I was able to learn many things such as techniques which I could animate within the process.If you have ever asked me to tell you a story you would understand what I mean when I say that I cannot tell a story. I have always had trouble expressing what goes on in my head and when I try to all of the words get jumbled up. What the narrative unit in Freestyle taught me is all of the different mediums I could express myself other than words. Of course, it had to stat with a creative idea, but after that everything started to mesh together into a whole intreating story which I told.


In English class,, we were asked to write a unique fictional story that followed a character as they encountered different challenges and solves it in the end. As an honors student, we read many different short stories by the same author to teach us how to write interesting stories which would teach us how to show and not tell. In writing, I demonstrated my creativity and writing skills. I was able to discover my writing style and get more comfortable writing a complicated story with lots of description.My inspiration was that I’ve always like the thought of magic and having magical beings in our real world. I share many different characteristics as the little girl in the story. We both search for the magical aspect of reality. I had many different ideas for the short story, but I chose the main character that other people like me could relate to and a subject I had some experience in and would have fun writing about. To create the audio recording I started off by reading my story multiple times to get comfortable with reading it out loud and changed the parts that made less sense reading out loud. Then I recorded it on my phone. I added some noises that I could create at home while recording, the sighing and the rattling of the jacket. After I brought it to class and started to work on Adobe Audition. I listened to it one time through and made a note to all the different types of effects I want to put in it. I added them changing the volume of them according to the audio and how load they needed to be. When I finished I exported it as a wav and finished it.With the audio version, The listener could imagine what the girl in the story was going through. While in the writing version the reader could let their imagination take them where they want it to. The different sound effects change the stories magical aspect a little, but also enhance its understanding.


These were the illustrations I made for my website. The first one is an illustration of the girl after she realized that magic doesn’t exist, visually she turned purple like her Grandma. The Grandma already knew that magic doesn’t exist and waited for the girl to figure it out for herself, Which makes this story kind of like a coming of age short story. The second image is of the forest that the girl was lost in overnight with the fireflies. The third image is of the girl following the firefly into the forest. The last image is of the grandma handing the girl the necklace. The images show how the story goes.To create these images I first had to come up with a color scheme, yellow and purple made the most sense since it’s the same for my animation. I then drew it out on paper. Once I figured that all out I made many shapes and stacked them one on top of the other to create each image. The two major elements that I made sure to follow were the color scheme and that in each photo there is a yellow circle which I made a shape so I could reuse it.

Artist Statement
I got the inspiration for this illustration from a gallery art I saw in Israel over three years ago. There was a sculpture of a house which was made from really cool materials. I wanted to recreate my own illustration of the quirky house with a doorway inspired by the tale of the Winchester ghost house. I then added a flowing orange river because that is my favorite color and I believe overall it added another element to the drawing. I created this illustration using both Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, first I made lots of shapes for the house and used different opacities so they all would shine through. Then I drew the clouds and river on Photoshop and imported that onto the illustrator file.

Elective Course – Animation

All these little projects were leading up to the final production of our narrative film. My partner, Aaron and I created an animation to represent my short story. We believe that purple and yellow would represent the mood of the animation the best. I learned a lot in this project like how to use after effects more professionally.

This is the behind the scenes of how I created my animation on After Effects. First I drew all of the characters on Photoshop and imported them onto After Effects adn Edited on this last doc.

For this assignment, we were challenged to produce a rotoscope and make it our own. A rotoscope is using a video and adding a drawing layer to enhance the ideas that you were trying to show one example is an early animation betty boop. This was an important process because it taught us the true meaning of animation, and enhance or create something from drawings that you would not be able to in real life.

This is an image of the process and how we had to make a video layer and draw an image for each frame of the four second long video.

Embed video and/or images of your project work. In this assignment, we learned for the first time how to animate on Adobe Animate. We were challenged to make our monster dance. This was a lot like animating on After Effects because you decide where it moves and then the computer filled in the gaps for you. It is a lot less work than animating a rotoscope and Mrs.C wanted us to understand the different ways you can animate.

This is my Animate file with the different body structures which I can move accordingly and the computer would then fill in the missing movement.

upload the mode scene